Our Services

  • Normed Line
    • Normed provides regular liner service for general cargo, project cargo, steel and heavy lifts between Europe, East Mediterranean, Turkey and Black Sea.

      Normed line meets a wide range of shipping demands from small parcels to large volume contracts by using modern and multi-purpose fleet.

      With years of experience, we follow the principles of high efficiency, short transit time and competitive rates.

      As our vessels are multi-purpose vessels, we can also accept containerised cargo such as accessories of a machinery, trafo, etc. inside shipper owned containers.

      Project Cargo

      Break Bulk

      Heavy Lifts

      Public Transportation

      Boat Transportation


  • Agency Services
    • Normed offers local ship agency servicea for all the major Turkish ports and transit through the straits. Our services include loading/discharging, stevedoring, attendance, crew change, bunkering, as well as, custom clearance and delivery of spare parts.

      Our services ensure that vessels' transit through the Turkish straits are smooth and fast through our professional staff’s long standing relationships with port authorities. We believe in the success of our agency services in offering prompt, reliable and resourceful services for the vessels, hence minimizing port stays not just for the vessel but also for the cargo.

      Please contact us with any questions and inquiries for Turkish ports and straits at operation@normed.com.tr

      For more information on our Agency Services, please visit our website.

  • Chartering And Forwarding
    • Normed offers a full range of chartering services to ship your cargo of any size vessel from any destination in the world. Through our extensive experience in handling complex multi-model project cargo shipping and close relationships with ship owners, we provide a single service solution globally.

      Normed transports various kinds of project cargo to and from any destination. Please contact us with any questions and inquiries for chartering and forwarding at chartering@normed.com.tr

  • Supply Chain Management
    • Normed provides high quality and flexible services to deliver its clients' cargoes. Our close working relationship with experienced local suppliers for "from port to destination" and "from destination to port" services make us the preferred choice. We connect companies with suppliers in many industries, such as automotive and white goods sectors in Turkey. From collection through delivery, Normed offers customers the highest standards of just-in-time services and continous support.

      Please contact us with any questions and inquiries for project cargo at project@normed.com.tr